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John Scofield

Lenny Breau

Harmony Central (search for customer reviews of instruments etc.)

A Jazz improvsation primer (Marc Sabatella, free improvisational method)

Jazz improvisation

Rutger Molenkamp (Dutch Jazz saxophonist)

Andreas Spannagel (German Jazz flutist/saxophonist and web designer)

dtpWeb (recommended web designer Dirk Thymian)

Thorsten Sven Lietz (archtop guitar builder and repairs, in Essen/Germany)

DJAM home page (Christian’s music school in Amsterdam/Holland)

DJAMtones (Christian’s record label)

All about Jazz (interviews, reviews, etc etc)

Jazz review (interviews, reviews, etc etc)

William P.Gottlieb – Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz

Fake Book Index (Search for tunes published in Fake Books) (great site to search for info on your favorite artists/CDs)

Jazzserver (Dutch)

Mosaic records (GREAT re-issues of CDs from the masters, USA)

Jazzlinks (Polish)

Advance Music (Great educational tools for Jazz, Germany)