‘Lost Paradise’ CD reviews

cover lost paradise

“a very tight ensemble … nice relaxed guitar playing blends perfectly with his skillful compositions and arrangements … the lyrical sax playing is the ice on the cake, very beautiful”

(Ntb muziekwereld, Jan 2002)

“Christian is a confident player, with great determination in his musical statements … he successfully avoids pure epigonism … very convincing accompanist and composer as well …

(Alexander Schmitz, Jazz Podium, Sept 2001)

“The quartet utilizes unexpected harmonic shifts and accents melodic aspects in their playing … relaxed-swinging and resourceful music.”

(Martin Laurentius, Jazz Thing, Sept 2001)


‘Conversations’ CD reviews

cover conversations

“this CD is a stroke of luck … exceptional guitar trio Jazz … Christian has a fully developped personal style … poignant and elegant playing … a five star program”

(Alexander Schmitz, Jazz Podium, May 2010)

music on a high communicative level … Christian’s playing is characterized by clarity, dynamism and playfulness … each note is both graceful and effective…you hear the attention to detail, you feel the love and respect for music … jazz at its best!

(Frank Huser, Jazzflits, nr 133, Feb 2010)

“music on a exceptional high level … a very interesting CD which deserves close listening.”

(Andreas Polte, Archtop Germany, Dec 2009)

“very inventive trio playing … Christian is a masterful player with a big dynamic range … every note counts and hits bulls-eye … the sound is top-notch, beautifully balanced”

(Ntb muziekwereld, April 2009)


 ‘Rays Of Light’ CD reviews

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‘Textures’ CD reviews

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‘Cause & Consequence’ CD reviews

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